new back query without disconnection

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new back query without disconnection Empty new back query without disconnection

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:37 am

You can use my new back query for all the Problem solutions.
And the back query is ?
Now you use this back query any handler browser and Use Net free at 0 balance without disconecting Problem.
Ok now i am telling you how you use this query in handler software.
I choose handler opera . Now open opera and in handler menu select custome 1 and scroll below.
you can see in Primary server http:// CHANGE THIS SERVER TO
now in secondary server u see socket://
Now you done it save this and run with rcomwap setting and use free.
For other all software only you add below the server my back query and save it.
Below i give u handler software who is u use to free.


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